Delivery Drivers needed!! Apples Available in Bulk!!

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Good afternoon Shenandoah Produce folks,

We want to take this time to again thank each one of you for your continued support. Without each one of you we could not do what we do. Our desire is that we can always go beyond your expectations. Please feel free to email or call Dave any time. Also in an effort to serve you better please tell your neighbors and friends about us. We are continually bringing on more LOCAL, HEALTHY products. And please remember to tell them that they too can get there first week free if they use the coupon firstweekfree.

Do you want to earn free food?

We are needing more local delivery drivers!! Right now we need more drivers in Crozet & Lynchburg.

Don’t want to drive every Thursday? No problem. We are also looking for substitute drivers for Charlottesville, Lynchburg, & Richmond. Please contact Catherine at for more details.

Apples Available

This week we have lots of Pristine Apples. These apples are semi-sweet and are great for cooking and/or eating with fruit dip. If you want to buy bulk and save please email me and I will work out a price for you.

Here is another friendly reminder about leaving your coolers out.

We cannot stress enough the importance of leaving out a cooler with ice packs in it. Fragile items like lettuce and berries suffer terribly in 80-90 degree weather, and we want things to be in good shape when you get them!
Please make sure your cooler is large enough for your items. Even if you are just getting a basic produce box, a lunch cooler isn’t going to work.

Thank your for your business. Our goal is to provide you with the best local produce around.

-The Wadel family; The Eshbach family; The Martin family

What’s in the Produce Box?
If you are signed up for a Weekly or Bi-Weekly A Produce Box, this is what you’ll receive this week:
Green Beans – Dayton, VA (LOW-S)
Cucumbers – Dayton, VA (LOW-S)
Green Peppers – Dayton, VA (LOW-S)
Bi-Color Corn on the cob – Dayton, VA (LOW-S)
Yellow Squash – Dayton, VA (LOW-S)
Kennebec Med. White Potatoes – Dayton, VA (LOW-S)
Pristine Apples (Medium Green) – Dayton, VA (LOW-S)
Red Batavia Lettuce – Stevensburg, VA (ORG)

If you are signed up for a Weekly or Bi-Weekly A Fruit Box, this is what you’ll receive this week:
Pristine Apples (Medium Green) – Dayton, VA (LOW-S)
Blueberries – Dayton, VA (LOW-S)
Nectarines – Dayton, VA (LOW-S)
Yellow Peaches – Dayton, VA (LOW-S)
Watermelon – Virginia Beach, VA (LOW-S)

Swapping Out Items from Your Box
You may swap out up to TWO items from your box. All you have to do is email manager: Dave at by 12:00 PM Wednesday letting him know which 1 or 2 items you do NOT want.

Items you would prefer to have instead must come from the A La Carte list. For each item you want to swap out, PLEASE give him a few choices from the A La Carte list since there isn’t always enough to give everyone what they want.

What’s Available A La Carte?
You must order your items ONLINE by 11:00 AM Wednesday!


Red Tomatoes (LOW-S) – $3.00 /Ib
Cucumbers (LOW-S) – $.75 /ea
Green Beans (LOW-S) – $2.50 / Ib
Green Peppers (LOW-S) – $2.25 /Ib
Red Potatoes (LOW-S) – $1.25 /Ib
Red Loose Beets (LOW-S) – $1.75 /Ib
Bi-color Corn on the cob (LOW-S) – $3.25 / 1/2 Doz
Candy Onions (LOW-S) – $2.50 /Ib
Wine Berries (LOW-S) – $3.00 / .5 pint
Red Batavia Lettuce (ORG) – $2.90 /ea
Watermelon (LOW-S) – $6.50 /each
Pristine Apples-Medium Green (LOW-S) – $.75 /Ib
Yellow Peaches (LOW-S) – $1.95 / Ib
Blueberries (LOW-S) – $5.95 / 1 pint
Nectarines (LOW-S) – $2.25 /Ib

Pork Chops – $7.95 / each (Approx. 3/4 Ib each)
Rib-eye Steak – $15.95 / each (Approx. 1 Ib each)
Ground Beef – $8.95 / 1 Ib tube or $39.98 for 5 one Ib tubes
Whole Chicken – $18.00 / each (Approx. 4-4.5 Ib each)

$ 2.95 /half dozen
$ 5.49 /one dozen
Organic Pastured New Item!!
$6.50 /one dozen

Gouda, Colby (ORG) – $7.50 / 8 oz wedge

Fruit Me Up Applesauce pouches – 3.2 oz. pouch
-Just Apple – $.99 for 1 OR $3.65 for 4
-Peach & Apricot – $.99 for 1 OR $3.65 for 4

Quinoa Queen cereal snack bags – 1.05 oz. bags
-Citrus – $1.29 for 1 OR $3.55 for 3, $6.00 for 6
-Lightly Sweetened (ORG) – $1.29 for 1 OR $3.55 for 3, $6.00 for 6
-Unsweetened (ORG) – $1.29 for 1 OR $3.55 for 3, $6.00 for 6

Old Virginia Applesauce – 24 oz. glass jars
-Natural – $4.00 / jar
-Original – $4.00 / jar
-Cinnamon – $4.00 / jar

Quinoa Queen Cereal – 9 oz. boxes
-Unsweetened – $5.00/box
-Lightly Sweetened – $5.00/box
-Citrus Bliss – $5.00/box
-Unsweetened (ORG) – $6.00/box
-Lightly Sweetened (ORG) – $6.00/box

Stockin’s Apiaries
17 oz. glass jars & 14 oz. glass bear jars
-Buckwheat – $10.00/jar
-Alfalfa – $10.00/jar
-Orange Blossom – $10.00/jar
-Wildflower – $10.00/jar

Moroccan Melange Spice – $2.00 /for 3 each
Cornmeal – $4.49 /2 lbs

Chocolate crinkle cookies – $3.99 for 3 OR $7.99 for 6
Ginger crinkle cookies – $3.99 for 3 OR $7.99 for 6
Oatmeal raisin cookies – $3.99 for 3 OR $7.99 for 6
Pumpkin muffins – $4.99 for 3 OR $9,99 for 6

Tofu – Plain – $4.75 /16 oz
Tofu – Italian – $4.75 /16 oz
Tofu – Fine Herb – $4.75 /16 oz
Tofu – Peanut Ginger – $4.75 /8 oz

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