carrotsHow can you provide so much produce and still deliver to my door?
We work out stellar deals with farmers and have built a community of eager delivery drivers who enjoy getting paid in food.

Is the food grown organically?
Much of it is beyond organic. Read more here.

Do you really deliver with horses and buggies?
Well, no. While we get much of your produce from folks who drive horses and buggies, we let our customers– aka Local Food Buddies– do the deliveries, and you can get free food that way.

Why did the contents of my friend’s box differ from mine?
The harvest doesn’t always allow for uniform distribution, but we always strive for fairness and want you to be happy. The “Howdy List” goes out before the food arrives so you can swap an item or two.

What is that weird vegetable in my box?
We emphasize the classics (tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, etc.) and never want you to scare you with unusual veggies, and that’s why we send out the “Howdy List” every Tuesday afternoon — to give you time to a) mentally prepare for something outside your comfort zone, or to b) request a swap or two, or c) consult our Recipe Blog where for cooking/preparation ideas posted by Horse & Buggy Produce staff and subscribers.

Can I customize my box?
Yes, for no charge you can swap one or two items each week just by emailing us by noon the day before delivery. If you’re tending to swap more than that, we recommend signing up for the “Customize My Box” feature. Login to your account for details.

What if I’m going on vacation and don’t want to waste money and food?
You can pause your subscription without any penalty or waste. Just login and look for the “Delivery Hold” tab. As long as you meet the deadline of midnight Sunday, you will not be charged for skipped deliveries.

Can I modify my subscription?
Yes, it’s easy to upgrade, downgrade, modify, interrupt, pause, change location, or cancel your subscription(s) as long as you do it by midnight Sunday night to take effect that week. Just login and make your changes.

May I purchase a gift certificate?
Yes! Purchase one in the web store (under the “Everything Else” tab) in denominations of $25, or e-mail us if you’d like one in a specific amount.