We work to be as transparent as possible in how our food was grown by clearly labeling our produce box items. Here’s a guide:

  • ORG: organic
  • S-FREE: spray-free; not treated by sprays of any kind
  • LOW-S: low-spray; treated with the smallest amounts possible
  • ORG-S: organic sprays; treated with the smallest amounts possible
  • CONV: conventionally-grown


Organic Products

While we rarely offer certified organic produce, we make the best effort to find produce grown without pesticides or grown with certified organic sprays. The ratio of spray-free to low-spray items depends on the season and the year. It is easier to grow spray-free produce in the cooler spring and fall months than in the humid and rainy summer months when increased moisture encourages fruit rot. Most fruit harvested in July and August must be treated with non-organic fungicides. That said, most of the non-organic (synthetic) pesticides our farmers use are chemically equivalent to their certified organic (plant-based) cousins.

Low-spray Products

We promise that crops labelled “LOW-S” are exposed to the smallest amount of treatment possible – far lower than large-scale agriculture would consider (after all, Mennonite children play in these fields and orchards.) But given this reality, we advise that all of our fruits and mid-summer veggies be thoroughly washed before being consumed.