Horse & Buggy Produce works with over 100 farms in the Shenandoah Valley and around Central Virginia to bring the highest quality farm products to our subscribers. Many of our produce farmers are Old Order Mennonites who sell their crops through the Shenandoah Valley Produce Auction. Additionally, we work with a variety of other small farms in the Mennonite community and throughout Central Virginia to source the rest of our produce, as well as eggs, dairy, meat, and baked goods. We emphasize local and fresh above all else. We strive for all of our products to come from within 10o miles of Charlottesville, VA. Check out the map below for specific locations and names of some of our farmers.

Why don’t you have pictures of your farmers?

Many of our farmers are traditional Mennonites, and their faith discourages them from having their picture taken. However, the photos of the food, livestock, and farms you see on the website are all from their farms, and we think they speak volumes!

How about local artisanal products? 

Horse & Buggy Produce continues to expand its offerings with artisanal products made by local craftsmen who take great care in their work. Here are a few of our artisanal providers:

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