Know your food source

horsebuggysquare.gifHorse & Buggy Produce delivers fresh, local food to Central Virginia subscribers in Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Crozet and Richmond.

Drawing from over 100 small family farms, personal vegetable gardens, and fruit orchards in Central Virginia is the key to our bountiful harvest and unbelievable variety. We know you want to feed your family the freshest, most unadulterated produce, meats, eggs, and baked goods available — which is why we work so hard each week to bring these wonderful foods to your table.

Many of our growers are members of a Mennonite community in the Shenandoah Valley near Bridgewater. They have been farmers for generations, and their lifestyle still includes horse-drawn carriages for transportation, a choice that limits the distribution of their extraordinary abundance. That’s where we come in. Once a week, our service links your table with their harvest.

Save time, money, and the planet

By treating you and your family to the healthful goodness of Horse & Buggy Produce, you’ll not only be saving yourself precious time by letting us do much of your shopping for you, but also you’ll be contributing to the success of sustainable agriculture, small family farms, and the planet’s health.

Top four reasons you’ll $$ave

1. Lower prices and no driving. Ours costs less than grocery stores. And free delivery saves your petroleum.

2. Fresh produce is GOOD for you. Call it preventative medicine and think of all the money/time/energy you save by staying healthy.

3. Fresh produce = tasty produce. This means your family is more likely to want to EAT it. Nothing wastes your food budget faster than tossing out uneaten food.

4. You Chef, You. Having great produce around the house will prompt you to cook more and eat out less.

Unsolicited Praise

Our customers spontaneously emailed these wonderful notes:

photo of subscriber with food

“Based on my neighbors glorious review, I assumed I would receive good produce. But WOW, did I underestimate that. From corn that you could gum off the cob; strawberries that begged for a shortcake, but never made it that far; tomatoes that screamed to be immediately sliced and placed on a piece of homemade bread (never has my family had so many tomato sandwiches for dinner and been thrilled!); eggs that still seem to cluck; lettuce so good I wondered how the grocery store could call their offering by the same name; potatoes with that earthy quality that reminds you why you like potatoes; and on and on.” ~Pam Sullivan

They send regular emails to customers with updates and recipes to try with the veggies of the week. They also aren’t afraid to pick up the phone if we have questions or to answer concerns. Unbelievably good customer service – with that and the quality of their produce it’s no wonder they’re so popular! I would absolutely recommend Horse and Buggy.~Chris M. Winebrenner

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A note on pesticides

While we don’t always provide “certified organic” produce, we make the best effort to find food grown without pesticides or food grown with certified organic sprays. While we still advise thoroughly washing all of our fruits and mid-summer veggies, we promise that crops labelled “low-spray” are exposed to the smallest amount of treatment possible– far lower than large-scale agriculture would consider. (After all, Mennonite kids play in these fields and orchards.)

Company ideals

We are passionately dedicated to creating local, food-loving communities through:

  • Delicious, nutritious, and safe food;
  • Community partnerships with schools, businesses, and residents;
  • Access to food produced within 100 miles of Charlottesville and picked less than 48 hours before it’s delivered to your door;
  • Our farmers’ environmentally-safe and sustainable growing practices; and
  • Honesty about our food, farmers, and practices.
Our success is a community effort between our team here at Horse & Buggy Produce, our farmers, and our happy and satisfied customers. Thank you for being a part of Horse & Buggy Produce. Happy eating!