Delivery Hold — for vacation or whatever reason

Unlike a CSA, you don’t have to get a box from us every week. In fact, you can opt out for weeks or months at a time with no penalty.
How: Log in to your account and under the “Delivery Hold” tab, just enter the weeks you want to skip.
Deadline: MIDNIGHT Sunday for the week you want to skip.
Miss the deadline? Food is a great gift, so ask any friend or family member can pick up your box for you off your porch or from our office the next day. (All they have to do is to give your name.)

Missed pickups — unplanned

Because we buy fresh food for our customers each week and incur costs of boxing and delivery, we DO NOT refund the cost of your box if we deliver to a locked office, an empty house, or if you miss a pickup. However, we will try to help you out. But it starts with you helping yourself…

If you know you will be gone in advance, please use the “Delivery Hold” feature in your online account (described above) by midnight on Sunday, and we will not charge you for that week’s delivery.

If you miss your pick up in Lynchburg, the boxes will remain at Conner Produce until you pick them up.

NOTE for beef/pork/poultry subscribers:  Your meat is delivered frozen, so it is imperative that you collect it.

Swap it!

You just read the Howdy List and you see something you’re not crazy about? We allow you to trade. You can choose additional quantities of what’s on the Howdy List or select from the a la carte menu. Your first two swaps each week are free. We charge $2.95 for three swaps and $4.95 for four or more swaps. Swaps are based on the value of the items, not the number of items. If you swap out a cheap item for a more expensive item, the difference will be charged to your account. Please give us second and third choices, in case we sell out of your first choice.
How: Call or email us with the item you’d like to swap and what item from the box menu or the a la carte list you’d like to receive in exchange.
Deadline: Wednesday at 12:00 NOON before your delivery on Thursday.

A La Carte (ALC)

There will always be a variety of a la carte items available to add to your box. The best way to buy ALC items is online because they’ll be charged to your account, and we’ll put them in your box.
How: Just log in to your account, click the webstore link in the top right hand of the screen. There, you’ll add items to your cart, and your credit card will be charged.
Deadline: Wednesday at 12:00 NOON before your delivery on Thursday.

(NOTE: If you would like an a la carte purchase to be deducted from your account balance, contact the office so that we can turn some of your balance into “a la carte credits.” You can view all your deliveries and ALC purchases through your account. If you think that you have been charged for something by mistake, please call the office at 434-293-3832 and we will straighten it out.)

Subscription changes, termination, and refunds

  • Adding or subtracting egg, bread, and meat:  To add or cancel these additions, log in to your account, go to the “Summary” section on the right-hand side of your screen, and follow the prompts. If something doesn’t seem to work, just email us.
  • Produce subscriptions: Now that we allow you to put your account on indefinite hold, we hope you won’t cancel, but if you must, just email us and we’ll take care of this cancellation for you.
  • Deadline: You must make add or subtract subscriptions by MIDNIGHT on Sunday of the week you wish to alter.
  • Refunds: If you are leaving the service and requesting a refund of unused credits, you must a) cancel by Sunday at midnight (same as the hold deadline) and if you’re getting a refund, there will be a $3.00 or 5% service charge, whichever is greater.