deniseHorse & Buggy Produce works with over 100 farms Central Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley to find the highest quality farm foods to our subscribers. Many of our growers are members of a Mennonite community near Bridgewater who have been farmers for generations, and whose lifestyle still includes horse-drawn carriages for transportation, a choice that limits the distribution of their extraordinary abundance. That’s where we come in. Once a week, our service links your table with their harvest.

Organic, low-spray, no spray?

While most of our farmers aren’t willing to leap all the hoops for the USDA’s organic certification, we seek out farmers with sustainable practices. We work to be as transparent as possible in how our food was grown with clear labeling:

  • ORG: organic
  • S-FREE: spray-free; not treated by sprays of any kind
  • LOW-S: low-spray; treated with the smallest amounts possible
  • ORG-S: organic sprays; treated with the smallest amounts possible
  • CONV: conventionally-grown

We promise that crops labelled “LOW-S” are exposed to the smallest amount of treatment possible– far lower than large-scale agriculture would consider. We advise that all of our fruits and mid-summer veggies be thoroughly washed before being consumed, but we feel assured that the content and spray levels are far lower than industrial agriculture. After all, Mennonite children play in these fields and orchards.

How about local artisanal products?

Horse & Buggy Produce continues to expand its offerings with artisanal products made by local craftsmen who take great care in their work. Here are a few of our artisanal providers:

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