Howdy List – April 20 – Time to Start Putting Out Your Coolers

Please put a cooler out for us to fill. You’ll be glad you did.

Howdy Horse & Buggy Folks,

This is from the treasure troves of archived newsletters – archived BORING newsletters – but it’s timely and needs to be put out there as a reminder.

I’ll make this easy on all of us — quick for me to compose, quick for you to read — so pay attention. Here it is:

Please leave a COOLER with ICE PACKS for us, henceforth, to place all of your perishables in.

That’s it. That’s all. Nothing more. Except . . .

I can’t emphasize enough the need for you to place ICE PACKS in your cooler! If you don’t, that little receptacle becomes a greenhouse really quickly. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened a cooler without ice packs, and felt the equivalent of a blast furnace hit my face.)

Warm weather’s comin’, and we don’t want your produce to melt, so keep it cool; keep it real; keep it real cool.

Here’s to good food, good health, good lives, and good folks to share them with!!!

Brett, Catherine, Mary, Nutmeg the Circus Dog, the Eberlys, and all the farmers

What’s in the Produce Box

If you are signed up for a Weekly or Bi-WeeklyA Produce Box, this is what you’ll receive this week:

Red Potatoes – Florida (LOW-S)
Eggplant – Florida (LOW-S)
Asparagus – North Carolina (LOW-S)
Tomatoes “On the Vine” – Mechanicsville, VA (LOW-S)
Cucumbers – Florida (LOW-S)
Curly Kale – North Carolina (LOW-S)
Romaine Lettuce – Dayton, VA (LOW-S)
Minneolas – California (CONV)

If you are signed up for a Weekly or Bi-WeeklyA Fruit Box, this is what you’ll receive this week:

Strawberries – California (CONV)
Cantaloupe – Florida (LOW-S)
Minneolas – California (CONV)
Grapefruit- Florida (LOW-S)

Swapping Out Items from Your Box

You may swap out up to TWO items from your box. All you have to do is email Office Mgr Mary at by 12:00 PM Wednesday letting her know which 1 or 2 items you do NOT want.

Items you would prefer to have instead must come from the A La Carte list. For each item you want to swap out, PLEASE give her a few choices from the A La Carte list since there isn’t always enough to give everyone what they want.

What’s Available A La Carte

You must order your items ONLINE by 12:00 PM Wednesday!
CLICK HERE to order online.


asparagus 2

Asparagus (LOW-S) – $2.50 /half lb


Eggplant (LOW-S) – $1.90 /each

red potatoes

Red Potatoes (LOW-S) – $0.95 /lb


Romaine Lettuce (LOW-S) – $3.80 /each

red cabbage

Red Cabbage (LOW-S) – $2.00 /head

kale curly

Curly Kale (LOW-S) – $1.70 /bunch


Cucumbers (LOW-S) – $0.75 /each

tomatoes on the vine

Tomatoes “On the Vine” (LOW-S) – $2.90 /lb


Chestnuts (LOW-S) – $2.00 /half lb


Cantaloupes (LOW-S) – $3.80 /each


Minneolas (CONV) – $0.75 /each


Grapefruit (LOW-S) – $1.00 /each

$2.95 /half dozen
$5.49 /one dozen

Moroccan Melange Spice – $2.00 /for 3 each
Cornmeal – $4.49 /2 lbs
Honey, summer thistle – $5.95 /8 oz
Molasses, sorghum – $15.95 /qt OR $8.50 /21 oz

Chocolate crinkle cookies – $3.99 for 3 OR $7.99 for 6
Ginger crinkle cookies – $3.99 for 3 OR $7.99 for 6
Oatmeal raisin cookies – $3.99 for 3 OR $7.99 for 6
Pumpkin muffins – $4.99 for 3 OR $9,99 for 6

Tofu – Plain – $3.75 /16 oz
Tofu – Italian – $3.75 /16 oz
Tofu – Fine Herb – $3.75 /16 oz
Tofu – Spicy Thai – $3.75 /8 oz
Tofu – Peanut Ginger – $3.75 /8 oz

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