Local Food Buddy – Elaine Thomas

Meet Elaine Thomas – a long-time Local Food Buddy. Here’s her story of how she got started:
“A neighbor introduced me to Horse & Buggy Produce eight years ago, when she was going on vacation and gifted me her share, told me where & when to pick it up. There was broccoli in the share and it was the BEST broccoli I had ever had! I couldn’t wait to sign up as a customer myself.
I started delivering at the very beginning of when Horse & Buggy started doing home delivery several years ago. Brett asked if I wanted to be a Local Food Buddy and I jumped at the opportunity. I love fresh local produce and knowing that I am delivering fresh local produce to people just makes me very happy.
For two years I homeschooled my daughter, and she became my assistant. Great mother-daughter time.
I have delivered to everyone in Charlottesville at one time or another over the years. And some in Richmond. Sometimes I have had between 40 and 50 deliveries in one day.  It’s a long day delivering but I look forward to doing it every Thursday.”

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