The PRODUCE BOX is why we exist…

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Size of Produce Box Price per box
Large $49.90
Medium $39.90
Basic-bi-weekly $30.90
Basic-weekly (most popular) $29.90


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Type Size Price per box
EGGS dozen $5.49
EGGS half-dozen $2.95
BREAD one loaf $4.99
CHICKEN one broiler $21.63
FRUIT BOX Large $49.90
FRUIT BOX Medium $39.90
FRUIT BOX Basic $29.90
BEEF 5 lbs $64.26
BURGER BOX 2 lbs beef + 1 lb pork sausage $19.95
MEAT MEDLEY nice mix of beef + pork + chicken $61.25

*Sales tax: We are required by law to collect Virginia’s 2.5% food sales tax which is added to the above prices.

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Top four reasons you’ll $$ave

1. Lower prices and no driving. Ours costs less than grocery stores. And free delivery saves your petroleum.

2. Fresh produce = tasty produce. Your family is more likely to want to EAT it. Nothing wastes your food budget faster than tossing out uneaten food.

3. Fresh produce is GOOD for you. Call it preventative medicine and think of all the time, money, and energy you save by staying healthy.

4. You Chef, You. Having great produce around the house will prompt you to cook more and dine out less.