a-la-carte-4Well, we were overwhelmed by all the wonderful emails, hand-written notes, verbalized compliments, and unending smiles. We’ve collected some of our favorites and printed them here for your enjoyment. Watch out, their joy is infectious!

“I don’t even know the name but they were the BEST apples I have ever had. I actually hid them from the family. Something I am not proud of…”

“The eggs actually have a real shell worthy of the name, and the color of the yolk is intense.”

“Your cider is absolutely delicious. We drink it hot and cold, all the time. We practically fight over it!”

“I’m so impressed with the vegetables we’ve been getting (I have a green onion the size of a small pear) that I’ve been taking pictures of the veggies and sending them to my family and friends in Nevada and California. They are incredibly jealous.”

“The corn last week was the best part of the best shrimp boil ever”

“We have never had broccoli that steamed perfectly crisp-tender each time and maintained it’s fresh green color.”

“I love Horse & Buggy Produce. It’s the way everyone should get food. I like knowing that we’re helping keep small farmers in business. I love the quality of the food. And the taste of everything—holy cow.”

“It is refreshing to do business with such nice people. We think Horse & Buggy rocks.”

“Horse & Buggy is good for the taste buds, the waistline, the planet, the community, the kids, the wallet, and the soul.”

“I am not exaggerating when I say that I have shed tears at the beauty of an heirloom tomato in my hand.””In this crazy, messed up world, I am grateful to be a part of something that is right and good and beautiful.”

“I will always remember the head of red leaf lettuce—large, tender, fresh and dewy. Its superb color blushed from deep green at the base to an unsullied red at the tips. It deserved to be the focal point of a still life oil painting. But I’m no painter, so I turned it into a salad, and it was delicious.”

“I love being able to ignore Salmonella warnings because my food does not come from a feed lot somewhere far away, but rather from people nearby who love their land and value their customers.”